Indulge in exceptional Kumaoni cuisine.

Welcome to Bon Appetit, our cosy dinning space and the heart of our home, our kitchen! Experience a delicious homely meal amidst green oaks, brilliant blue skies and the scintillating Himalayas.

We serve traditional seasonal cuisine made from locally available farm produce. We do recommend guests to try out the Kumaoni specialities made by our cooks.

Let us know in advance of any special arrangement (food allergies/ special food) required as we are located in a remote area (nearest market is 6 km away).

Each unit has its own kitchenette to give our guests the choice of putting a meal together.

The charges for the meals are:

  • Rs. 1350/person/day
  • Breakfast- Rs. 250,
  • Lunch & dinner Rs. 500 each,
  • Evening snacks & tea Rs. 100.